SPC- ACCORD Adjustable 3 Arm Set

SPC- ACCORD Adjustable 3 Arm Set

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The following infromation is from SPC's website.


The Honda Accord and Acura TSX and TL Rear Adjustable Control Arm Set (3) provides; ±3° camber adjustment (when using all 3 arms), additional toe change, and ±1" set-back / wheel base adjustment. Whether you need alignment changes to adjust for ride height changes, prepare for a weekend of road racing or correct suspension damage, this 3 piece arm set will provide more adjustability than you could ever need. Attention: The sequence of arm adjustments made is extremely important when upgrading this multi-link system. 

Rear Adjustment Range:
Camber: ±3.0°
Toe: ±1.0°
Setback: ±1.0"
Installation time: .8 hr/side
Required: 1 kit per wheel