Konig Oversteer - Gloss Black

Konig Oversteer - Gloss Black

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The Oversteer is a face forward, split 5-spoke design with an aggressive attitude especially in the wider fitments as the wheel face profile increases in its concave look. From the street to the track the Konig Oversteer improves the stance of many 5-Lug Passenger vehicles and offers staggered applications for those looking to run wider rears.

Our Thoughts

This wheel provides really low offsets and offers 16s up to 20s. While every individual car/owner has varying goals, we're fond of the Konig Oversteer due to it's ability to make all kinds of vehicles simply look good. It's an impressive design in it's versatility. 

Info & generic photos are from Konig's website, sizing affects the look of the wheel.




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