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This is the Original Formula
SOFT99 "Fusso Coat 12 Months Wax"

- Original Formula, Product ships from USA


Light color variant, the light version is design for the use of light colors car.

This product contains PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), which has a sufficient super hydrophobic ability and effectively protects the car surface from rain, dirt and other unwanted residue.

Its thick hard coating repels water strongly, as water smoothly runs down and off the car surface.

The effects will last up to 12 months (Official lab test result, subject to real life environment condition) it will keep the car in a good condition for a long period of time.

Furthermore the hard paste wax can create clear gloss and fill slight swirl mark on the car body.




* Make sure that your car color is compatible with this product.

* Wash off any sand, dust, and dirt, and wipe off any remaining water drops.

1. Take a moderate amount of the wax and spread it evenly onto car's body in a circular motion using the included sponge.

2. After the surface gets dry (10-15 minutes weather condition applies).

3. Use a car detailing grade microfiber (Smooth Egg Smooth Cloth) to wipe of residue, flip towel if necessary in between process

*We recommend you do this process panel by panel (e.g. hood, door, roof, etc.) especially in the summer.

*Drying time may be longer in winter.

*For better results please do not wash the car in next 24 hours to allow polymerization.



We aren't a company that specializes in detailing by any means, but these waxes blew our minds in term of longevity and water beading so we had to start importing them from Japan.